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2550179828/06/2020 8:11:43
Hiv accuseds records made available to ABC News as part of the investigation from a conservative watchdog group alleging irregularities, including a request to make changes to some records.

The Associated Press

The complaint also claims that he was instructed by the FBI to "exceed, and conceal, any evidence he had gathered in this investigation," but was never reprimanded.

FBI officials defended their work to CBS News

"The FBI does not have any records at all on all the phone calls that the Obama administration made during the course of this investigation," FBI spokesperson John Edgett said in a statement. "However, the FBI has been provided material on the call records provided to the media through P.] as part of its investigation."

The case is one of many ongoing investigations into alleged campaign coordination between Democratic and Republican presidential candidates, the alleged leaking of hacked materials from Clinton campaign officials and the discovery of emails related to President Donald Trump's communications with aides from Russia.

CBS News will have more on the investigation into the investigation later tonight.

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Residents attack erosion plan

The plan has been criticized in the region and across Canada for being too large to scale.

"We're hoping to give everyone a chance to participate," said Jason Siegel of Calgary, one of the original group of three developers who spearheaded the plan, which has become an inspiration for urban planning professionals worldwide.

"And if it doesn't turn out to be successful, you're not going to say, 'I can't do that right now.' The community is the first line of defense."

The three developers are planning to redevelop the existing park into an "innovation complex" with green spaces, a city hall, retail spaces, a park and a public space. The developer says the total cost is expected to be $90 million and start in 2015 or 2016.

Mayor Naheed Nenshi said in a statement that the project was "a unique, sustainable city-centred project that builds on Calgary's vibrant history, while demonstrating Calgary's strategic place in today's economic environment."

"A public park and public plaza will allow people who otherwise would not be able to afford downtown to enjoy their neighbourhood without the added cost or difficulty of getting to their homes," the statement said.

One-stop shopping

The park will be located in the city's south west and will extend to the river. It will connect downtown with Westmount Community Park at the southeast corner of St. Norbert Street and Hwy 10. The plaza will become a 1.6-kilometre, five-storey-storey public green space. It will be a central hub for local and international shopping opportunities.

"We have always been passionate about making our city livable. Whether it's at the grocery store, to work, to party, to eat out, or our friends and neighbours. We want to put this park in the city," said John Zemler, an executive with Global Health Properties, the developer on the project.

The development of a park is not new. Calgary's First Hill community, for example, has made parkland a central part of its downtown in the past.

But the timing couldn't be better, said Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi. "There's been a lot of people who have supported this project because it's so simple, so intuitive to do."

The city also had asked developers to take into account the local neighbourhood, but that was a difficult decision.

Nenshi says Calgary's downtown is still struggling, and "there are too many people who are not moving forward in a healthy way and who have not been able to find success as a city."

There is no clear timeline for when the park is expected to be completed
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